Santoriella DiTomaso

VLP Volunteers from Santoriella DiTomaso PC celebrate after the 2008 Liz Padilla 5k.

Pee Wee

“Pee Wee” runners race to the finish at the 2008 Liz Padilla 5k.

Pro bono value

“The work I have performed pro bono through the VLP feels to me like it has more value, to me and to the client, than my work done for a corporate client paying over $500.00 an hour…The work performed by the VLP truly impacts people’s lives.”
– VLP Volunteer

Heart and Soul

“Through the years I’ve done pro bono work with a number of organizations. I can say without a doubt that I have never worked for a group with more heart and soul than the VLP.”
– VLP Volunteer

Client impact

“Having been assisted by the Volunteer Lawyers Project has made such a positive impact – thank you very much for all that you do!”
– VLP Client

Like a person again

“When I came to the VLP I was very confused and hurt. I did not know what to do. [My attorney] helped me and made me feel like a person again.”
– VLP Client


“Thanks to CLARO,
I received justice.”
– Walter S., CLARO Client

Mother Seeks to Limit Visits

Ms. P is the custodial parent to her 12-year-old child. The child’s father has petitioned for visitation and received a temporary order. Ms. P says the father has a long history of drug abuse, drug dealing and incarceration. Ms. P is not opposed to visitation, but in the interest of her son’s safety she believes the visits should be limited or perhaps supervised. Case is scheduled for March 30 at 9:30 am in Kings County Family Court.

You may wonder if your partner, co-worker, or family member is a narcissist. While many people have what doctors call narcissistic traits, like self-importance and entitlement (thinking they’re owed something), people diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder can be a bigger challenge. Having a narcissist in your life can be frustrating and emotionally challenging. You can realize this with questions narcissists can’t answer.

Domestic Violence Victim Seeks Child Support

Ms. O, a victim of domestic violence, is seeking a first order of child support for her three children. Ms. O’s native language is Arabic and her English proficiency is limited, but an English-speaking friend has been assisting her. Ms. O has also filed for an order of protection against her abusive spouse. Case is scheduled for April 9 at 9:00 am in Kings County Family Court.