Excusive Attorney Lead Generation for Lawyers & Law Firms

“When I turned 50, I decided I wanted to pursue a career as a lawyer, and went to law school. And now, I am on my third law firm and it works out to be seven months of work, plus a monthly stipend. It’s a lot of work, I know, but it’s all about the relationship I build with clients. Having your own firm that you are an owner of makes things a lot easier for me and my client. I have established great relationships that allow me to tell clients exactly what is expected of them and they feel confident that they are getting the best legal representation for their case.”

How many “exclusive leads” do you get a month? You can get between 10 and 50 exclusive attorney leads a month from Excusive Attorney Leads agents when you get these great investigative leads. Exclusive Leads Agency is one of the few companies that understands that the discovery process involves more than legal discovery. Before the discovery phase of any legal case can occur, information needs to be obtained. Excusive Attorney Leads agents is a leading provider of investigative leads from multiple sources. This includes from online websites such as lawtriage.com, white-hat search engines, social media sites, a client referral network, and extensive in-house court-related searches. To give you an example, let’s say you are a family law attorney and your client wants to move out of an unhealthy housing situation that the family can no longer afford. You visit court records and find that he has been slapped with a restraining order against him for domestic abuse. That leaves your client trapped, and you are forced to plead with the judge to increase his parenting time. This time the judge reduces his parenting time from 6 weeks to 3 weeks. Now you have the evidence you need to convince the court to rescind his restraining order, then you can put your client back in his home and get him back on track. If you have good lawyers and you have a strong point of view, you may still get lucky. Let’s say you think your client can be trusted and have a good reason for wanting to get the restraining order dismissed. You start an investigation into his company that has been named in the restraining order. You learn that his father and stepfather are financial contributors to his company and that he himself also works for the company.

What this means is that his company is a corporation. And if you move in to your client’s home, the bank will not loan you the money to pay the rent or mortgage without first verifying that the company exists. However, if you can prove to the bank that the company exists and that your client is the president and the person who is responsible for running the business, the bank will often put you in control of the company for the low low price of $5,000. Now the bank knows that the company is legitimate and you can use the bank account to pay the rent or mortgage on the home that you just occupied. You now have a company and a home in your client’s name, and can even go to court and find proof that the restraining order was unfair and that your client has been unfairly restrained. If you have a good team, you can be a “legitimate landlord” and allow your clients to live in their homes while your legal team digs up evidence to prove your client’s innocence.

by Sidney Cherubin