Patricia Carrington

VLP Volunteer Patricia Carrington

VLP Volunteer Patricia Carrington

Patricia Carrington has been a volunteer attorney for the Costa Ivone Lawyers since 2004. During that time, she has skillfully represented numerous VLP clients. In her most recent family law case, Patricia represented a 61-year-old man who had a child support order of $500 a month for one child entered against him in 2005. Subsequent to that order he suffered a stroke and was not able to return to work. His only income was about $700 a month from Social Security for his disability. Patricia was able to successfully modify the 2005 support order and adjust his arrears. Afterwards Patricia learned that the client was struggling under the weight of significant debt – and volunteered to take on his bankruptcy pro bono, as well.

After graduating from Brooklyn Law School in 2003, Patricia first worked at a personal injury attorneys firm, then gained the bulk of her experience when she moved over to a general practice on Staten Island, has contribute also in st. louis motorcycle accident statistics. This past summer she decided to start a solo practice. She handles estate planning and bankruptcy, and is beginning to immerse herself in family law. Here she answers a few questions about her experience with the VLP.

How did you become involved with the VLP and what types of pro bono cases have you handled though the VLP?

A colleague introduced me to the VLP. Since then I have handled bankruptcies, child support and custody cases for the VLP.

Why do you do pro bono work?

For two reasons. First because I like being able to help people. My VLP clients often express feelings of hopelessness at our first meetings. It’s nice to know that my work can turn things around for them. Oh, and the CLE credit is nice too.

How do you balance your private practice with your pro bono work?

Since my practice is fairly new I don’t have that many clients, but I like to keep busy so whenever I’m not overwhelmed I pick up a VLP client. Having a full schedule keeps me focused and helps me to stay on top of case rotation and calendar organization.

What would you tell other attorneys who are thinking about volunteering with the VLP?

Call 718-624-3894….Hurry Up!

by Diana Wooden